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Wife of Cook wins $1.2M cooking contract for U.S.

Wife of Cook wins $1.2M cooking contract for U.S.

A widow of a cook who died in a U.N. plane crash is making $1 million per year for working for the U.K.’s government, a family spokesman said Thursday.

Darlene Tarrant, a mother of two, was one of seven members of her family who won a U,N.

contract to cook for the country’s humanitarian mission to Somalia in December.

The award has raised eyebrows as the country is reeling from the worst refugee crisis in decades.

A spokeswoman for the UK Foreign Office declined to comment on the details of the contract or whether Tarrants family has received any government benefits, such as medical care.

The U.B.C. contract is the first of its kind for a U-N member, the spokeswoman said.

The agency’s Food Security and Nutrition Program awarded Tarrantes husband $1,250,000 in the first quarter of the year.

The contract includes a base salary of $250,200 and a salary bonus of $1 for each additional $2,000 of the final pay, according to a copy of the agency’s contract.

The program is intended to support a “safe and dignified” transition to a post-conflict future, it said.

A U.H.S.-U.K. agreement allows the U-K.

government to buy food and supplies from U.R.U.S., which was founded by Tarrante and her husband in 1984, according, to a UB.

A.A.’s spokeswoman said Tarrances husband, who died last year, was a British citizen and she has a UH.



U-K.-led forces are pushing for peace talks with Somalia to end a decade of war.

Somalia has fought two wars with the international community and has been engulfed in a humanitarian crisis.

It was declared a state of emergency by the U,S.

and UN Security Council in November.

Tarrante’s family said the $1 billion is meant to cover the cost of her husband’s funeral, including the $750,000 bill.

The family said it will not be paying the rest of the $2 million.

It is expected to use the money to support other members of the Tarrontas family.

Terrant, who worked at the UB’s Food Assistance Office, said the award gives her the opportunity to support her husband and the families of others who are struggling.

She said she had been considering the possibility of running for office since her husband passed away, but the decision came down to whether or not to run in this year’s election.

“It’s been tough,” she said.

“The country is suffering.

People are not receiving enough food.”

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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