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Why cooking games suck

Why cooking games suck

The biggest selling games on Xbox Live are cooking games.

And, of course, there’s the Xbox app, which lets you download games and play them on your TV or in your living room.

But what’s missing is the experience of being a gamer. 

The Xbox One and Windows 10 versions of Dishonored 2 are two of the biggest selling cooking games on the Xbox Live Marketplace. 

In an effort to bring some of the best features of the Dishonoring franchise to a console, Microsoft is creating an Xbox Live Arcade version of Dishoffine 2. 

According to Microsoft, the app will allow gamers to compete against one another in real-time and create their own unique challenges, allowing them to take on the Dishoffines in an effort of survival. 

“The ultimate goal is to make the Dishoffs feel like they’re part of the game rather than being the players,” Microsoft co-founder and executive vice president Phil Spencer said in a statement.

“The app will include a whole host of features, from challenges to character creation and customizations to custom gameplay, all in one place.” 

The Dishonors, who have to eat and drink in order to survive, will be a major part of this new game, and the app is scheduled to launch in March 2019. 

While the new app will be great to play with your friends, Spencer told us it will be even better if you could play it with your family.

“You can really share a Dishonor experience with your kids, who can then share it with their friends,” he said.

“That way, if you have one of those kids who are really into cooking, they can have the same experience that you have.” 

We’re still waiting for the app to launch, but Spencer said he hopes to have it available in time for the holidays. 

As for the other big Dishonour game, Dishonora 2, the Xbox One version is due out in 2020.

The Windows 10 version is scheduled for a release in 2021.

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