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Which American sitcom has been the funniest on Twitter?

Which American sitcom has been the funniest on Twitter?

A new episode of the Netflix comedy comedy series, “Preston Cook,” was the funnest one on Twitter.

The show was also the most retweeted episode ever by a series on Twitter in March 2018, when it had nearly 4.8 million tweets, according to data from comScore.

In total, the show garnered more than 11 million retweets.

“Pamela, Preston, and Jenny are at a bar,” the narrator of the episode says as a montage of the group is shown.

“And Preston asks, ‘Do you guys really want to drink like this?’

Jenny responds, ‘Yes.'”

Pardon my French: “Papillon is the name of a drink in French that you get for the last minute before you go home.”

Preston, the bartender, replies, “We do.

It’s the last thing on your mind.”

“Papa and I are sitting on the couch,” the girl, played by Julia Roberts, says.

“We’re both wearing our wedding rings and looking into each other’s eyes.”

“Jenny and I, as a group, are drinking Papa’s new cocktail.

We are both really excited about it,” Preston says.

Preston then adds, “I think we could get pregnant.

And we’ll make our wedding vows together.

We’ve been thinking about it for like three days.”

Watch the full episode below: “There’s no one else who’s been funnier than us,” Julia Roberts said in an interview with Esquire.

“I feel like I’ve made my name as the funnier person on the show.

So it’s kind of like a compliment.”

In an interview on “The View” on January 23, 2018, “Patty” star Julia Roberts joked that her favorite comedy was “Pollyanna” on “Saturday Night Live.”

“I don’t know, I think I just love playing comedy,” Roberts said.

“That’s like my favorite thing.”

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