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The Cook County Jail’s Cooking Mama Switch: A Memoir

The Cook County Jail’s Cooking Mama Switch: A Memoir

Posted September 28, 2018 11:06:15A cook named Martha Marie is a mother of four.

She has a busy schedule, but it is a life of honor and happiness.

As the wife of a sheriff’s deputy, Martha Marie has to make sure her children are fed and safe.

She says she often wonders if her own children are not being taught by their mothers about what life is like when you have children in a jail.

Martha Marie says she has been arrested for things she never would have thought were possible.

She says her own life is not perfect.

Her arrest and incarceration led her to her own cooking.

She started cooking to help ease her mental health issues and her own feelings of inadequacy.

Martha says it was only when she was released from jail that she started looking for more ways to make her life better.

Today, she is a cook for a food truck and a cook at a local grocery store.

She said she started her career as a cook because she was hungry for a new career.

Her mother’s cooking is a hobby.

She said she learned how to cook while incarcerated.

She loves it and says it gives her a chance to share her love for food with the world.

She’s now working with local organizations to bring food to families that need it.

She also said she hopes to be a mentor to children and adults who are incarcerated.

She shared her story to tell the stories of others in jail.

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