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‘I feel like the government is making the world a less safe place’: What we know so far about the coronavirus outbreak

‘I feel like the government is making the world a less safe place’: What we know so far about the coronavirus outbreak

An Australian mother is facing a barrage of death threats over her decision to have her daughter vaccinated before she died.

The Queensland woman, who has been in Australia for the past four years, had just started a new job and was in Australia on a family holiday when she became infected.

“The doctor said to me that I was going to die if I didn’t get vaccinated, so I said, ‘I’ll do it, but I’m not going to vaccinate my child’,” she told the ABC.

“They said, you’re a crazy mum, you need to get vaccinated.

I said ‘I don’t have a choice, I don’t want to die’.”

Her daughter had recently contracted the coronovirus and was being monitored by a nurse who is currently in quarantine.

“I’m a very caring, caring person and I’m really worried that she’s going to get infected,” she said.

The mother and daughter had been discussing whether to vaccate their child and her husband had agreed.

“So we thought that was the best thing to do, and I said to my husband, ‘You know what, I’m going to do it’.”

And he said, well, then we’ll just have to wait for the vaccine, so we said, OK.”‘

It’s a horrible thing to think’The woman said she was “shocked” to find that she had been told her daughter had contracted the virus.”

There’s no way to explain to people how traumatic that is to think that this is something that you just didn’t think could happen to you,” she told ABC radio.”

It’s something that is something so horrible that you feel like it’s your fault and you’re not the only one, it’s very, very hard to believe that the world is not a more safe place.”‘

You’re doing the right thing’The mother is now taking her case to the Queensland Court of Appeal and has asked for a judicial review.”

If you go to the court of appeal you can go back in time and you can show there was no way that this woman was ever vaccinated,” she explained.”

And if you go back to the day of the coronivirus outbreak, there was a woman in the same situation and she didn’t vaccinate her child.

“You’re making the right decision and you are doing the wrong thing.”

“And the court’s going for you.”

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