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How to use Google Analytics to build your own personal website

How to build a personal website using Google Analytics.

I recently saw an article that talked about how to make a custom blog with a custom domain name.

I thought that was a really cool idea, but I never really knew what to do with it.

I didn’t really know if it would work, so I decided to give it a shot.

Here’s how to do it. 1.

You can do it with a simple Google Analytics account.

Google Analytics is one of the most popular analytics tools available.

You need to create a free account to use it. 2.

After creating your account, you can add the domain name that you want to add your site to.

For this example, I’m using the domain names jenniferscooke.com and jenniescookeblog.com.

This is because I want to show a little more of my home.

In the example below, you’ll see the domain jennibirdc.com, but you can also use any domain name you want.

You’ll also notice that the domain has two lowercase letters.

The domain jernibirdcookeBlog is an alias for jenniscooke-blog.

I have this domain in my Google Analytics dashboard.


You will need to follow a few steps to add this domain to your site.

You should see something like this: 4.

You have to make sure that the URL you enter matches the domain you’ve created.

The first URL you see is your personal website, [email protected] (for me, it’s [email protected], because I’m not a real person, and I like people to know that I live here).

If you see a question mark next to the domain, click on that question mark.

The site will pop up with a link to a dashboard.

Click the link.


Next, you will see a section that says, “How do I make a personal blog with this domain name?”

Here you can select the Domain Name field and enter it into the field.


Finally, click Save.

If you’re using WordPress, click the button next to Domain Names and select Add New.

If not, you should see an error.

In that case, go ahead and click OK. 7.

Now, you have a new domain named jenniragoescooke blog and you can go ahead with creating your site!

You’ll see that your new domain is named jenibird.com as well as the two lower-case letters you added earlier.

If you haven’t already, check out my guide to building a personal site with Google Analytics for more info.

Enjoy your new site!

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