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How to make rice cooker rice cooker recipe (with step by step photos)

How to make rice cooker rice cooker recipe (with step by step photos)

A rice cooker is one of the simplest kitchen gadgets available to the modern person, but it has many benefits.

One of the best things about rice cooker cooking is that it is really easy to use, it is cheap, and it has the ability to cook a wide range of foods.

Whether you are looking for a new way to cook your favourite food or a way to take your cooking to the next level, we have the answers.

This is a roundup of our favourite rice cooker cookbook recipes.


Instant Pot Rice Cooker Recipe (from The Complete Rice Cookbook) 2.

Easy Potato Rice Cookers Recipe (with pictures) 3.

Pressure Cooker Rice Cook (from Pressure Cookers) 4.

Instant Crockpot Rice Cook – Crock Pot Recipes (from Instant Crocker) 5.

Instant Rice Cook – Crock-Pot Recipes (with tips and pictures) 6.

Instant Curry Rice Cook recipe (from Rice Cook Book) 7.

Instant Grilled Chicken Recipes (for a gluten-free and low-carb version) 8.

Instant Broccoli Rice Cook Recipe (for an easier version) 9.

Instant Brown Rice Cook recipes (from Brown Rice) 10.

Instant Bean Curry Rice Recipes (using a rice cooker) 11.

Instant Sweet Potato Rice Recipes – Crocks and Broccoli (from Crock Crock) 12.

Instant Black Bean Curry Recipes (adapted from the book) 13.

Instant Garlic Curry Recipes recipe (adapting from the Crock Cook Book).


Instant Green Bean Curry Recipe (adapt from the Brown Rice book) 15.

Instant Coconut Curry Recipe Recipe (in a crock pot with black beans) 16.

Instant Beef Curry Recipe recipe (for more options) 17.

Instant Sausage Curry Recipe 18.

Instant Eggplant Curry Recipe 19.

Instant Cauliflower Curry Recipe 20.

Instant Pea Curry Recipe 21.

Instant Lentil Curry Recipe 22.

Instant Pesto Curry Recipe 23.

Instant Thai Curry Recipe 24.

Instant Mushroom Curry Recipe 25.

Instant Cashew Curry Recipe 26.

Instant Zucchini Curry Recipe 27.

Instant Brussels Sprouts Curry Recipe 28.

Instant Carrot and Sweet Potato Curry Recipe 29.

Instant Tomato Curry Recipe 30.

Instant Chicken Curry Recipe 31.

Instant Kale Curry Recipe 32.

Instant Cornbread Recipe 33.

Instant Pancake Recipe 34.

Instant Potato Curry recipe (in the Crocker Crock book) 35.

Instant Soup Recipe 36.

Instant Shrimp and Bean Curry recipe 37.

Instant Spaghetti Squash Recipe 38.

Instant Pumpkin Curry Recipe 39.

Instant Omelette Recipe 40.

Instant Quinoa Curry Recipe 41.

Instant Spinach Curry Recipe 42.

Instant Creamy Potato Curry 43.

Instant Roasted Vegetable Curry Recipe 44.

Instant Vegetable Alfredo Recipe 45.

Instant Italian Rice Recipe 46.

Instant Tofu Curry Recipe 47.

Instant Soups and Stews Recipe 48.

Instant Instant Broccolini and Vegetable Soup Recipe 49.

Instant Steamed Rice Recipe 50.

Instant Indian Lentil Soup Recipe 51.

Instant Slow Cooker Lentil Stew Recipe 52.

Instant Chickpea and Lentil Pasta Soup Recipe 53.

Instant Chinese Vegetable Rice Recipe 54.

Instant White Rice Recipe 55.

Instant Vegan Potato Curry (with a gluten free and low carb version) 56.

Instant Veggie Salad Recipe 57.

Instant Baked Vegetable and Vegetarian Curry Recipe 58.

Instant Soy Curry Recipe 59.

Instant Homemade Broccoli and Potato Soup 60.

Instant Casserole Recipe 61.

Instant Meatballs Recipe 62.

Instant Crispy Vegetable Recipe 63.

Instant Salmon and Chickpeas Recipe 64.

Instant Chili and Vegetables Recipe 65.

Instant Pizza and Pasta Recipe 66.

Instant Pasta with Vegetable Sauce 67.

Instant Tortilla Soup Recipe 68.

Instant Turkey Soup Recipe 69.

Instant Mashed Potatoes Recipe 70.

Instant Applesauce Recipe 71.

Instant Bacon, Cheese and Mushroom Pasta 72.

Instant BBQ Chicken and Vegeta Soup 73.

Instant Macaroni and Cheese and Spinach Soup Recipe 74.

Instant Avocado Soup Recipe 75.

Instant Tomatoes and Potato Salad Recipe 76.

Instant Beans and Rice Recipe 77.

Instant Salad with Black Beans and Spinacakes Recipe 78.

Instant Bread Recipe 79.

Instant Nachos Recipe 80.

Instant Barbecue Chicken and Avocado Recipe 81.

Instant Fajita Chicken Recipe 82.

Instant Mexican Soup Recipe 83.

Instant Taco Soup Recipe 84.

Instant Panini and Taco Soup recipe 85.

Instant Apple Chicken Recipe 86.

Instant Lemon Chicken Recipe 87.

Instant Mixed Bowl Soup Recipe 88.

Instant Squash Soup Recipe 89.

Instant Blueberry Chicken Recipe 90.

Instant Strawberry Chicken Recipe 91.

Instant Almond Chicken Recipe 92.

Instant Lettuce and Onion Soup Recipe 93.

Instant Brussel Sprouts Soup Recipe 94.

Instant Banana Soup Recipe 95.

Instant Chocolate Cake Recipe 96.

Instant Breakfast with Honey, Cocoa and Coconut Recipe 97.

Instant Dessert Recipe 98.

Instant Frozen Lemonade Recipe

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