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How to cook your own frozen salmon

How to cook your own frozen salmon

A new technique that can be used to cook the perfect salmon is making a splash in the food industry.

Cooking salmon in a can is easy, but can also be tricky for the fish.

The process involves using a blender to combine all the ingredients into a single liquid, which the fish can then eat.

Now, researchers have created a system that can make the process much easier, and produce the perfect frozen salmon for you.

“This technology was developed to reduce the time it takes to cook salmon in the can and is also easy to follow,” said Dr Chris Wark, a marine biologist from the University of Sydney.

“It’s very much like making a sandwich from scratch.

You can get the same result by simply adding the ingredients in the bowl of the blender.”

To create a perfect salmon, the fish will need to be heated up to 180C (350F), but this can be accomplished in a microwave.

“When you get a can of salmon and it’s cooked in the microwave, it’s usually overcooked, so we wanted to make it easier to cook in the fridge,” Dr Wark said.

To achieve this, they used a method called “baked salmon” which involves boiling the fish for five minutes in the hot water, then cooling it to room temperature.

“The idea is that this will allow the salmon to get the right flavour and texture,” Dr Chris said.

“Then we cook it in the freezer, which gives it that crispness and doesn’t overcook it.”

“So when you’re finished cooking the salmon, you’re left with a salmon that’s ready to eat.”

To get the best salmon taste, the researchers added a sweetener to the salmon.

“We found that adding a little bit of sugar really helps the salmon taste sweeter and fresher, which we think will give the fish more shelf life,” Dr Christopher said.

The research, published in the journal Science Advances, has been published by the journal Nature Communications.

The study, which also involved the Australian National University, was funded by the Australian Research Council.

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