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How Pete Cooks Cooks for Disney World: Behind the Scenes

How Pete Cooks Cooks for Disney World: Behind the Scenes

With the arrival of Disney World Resort and the Disney Cruise Line in 2017, Pete Cook and his wife, Kim, are making it their mission to bring home Disney World’s best, most authentic comfort food, including homemade BBQ, steamed buns, and other signature dishes.

The two chefs and their family will be traveling to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Walt Disney World and Disney Springs, Florida, for their first ever visit.

Cooks will be taking a closer look at the new kitchen, cooking, and food preparation facilities at the Walt Disney Imagineering & Design Group, which will house the Chef’s Cookhouse and Cook’s Grill, both of which are slated to open in 2018.

Cooks has been an avid Disney Foodie since he was a kid and is excited to be a part of the new culinary journey.

“I love cooking and it’s my dream to bring this incredible experience to Walt Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Disneyland Resort,” Cooks said.

“I love working with the team at Imagineering and Design Group.

They’ve made it so easy for me to do this job, so that I can bring the magic of Disney to my guests.”

Cooks and his family are bringing a variety of authentic comfort foods from their home to the dining room, which is filled with dishes inspired by Disney World classics, including barbecue, steaming buns and other traditional favorites.

Cook’s Cook’s Restaurant, which serves authentic Mexican food, will be open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Wednesdays through Saturdays.

Cook’s will be closed on Sundays.

The Cooks have already traveled to Walt Dining Hall in Orlando, Florida and will be returning to Disney Springs for the first time since they opened in 2019.

They will be back on March 17.

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