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Beef cooking chart: Is the steak too hot?

Beef cooking chart: Is the steak too hot?

A steak recipe has gone viral after the makers of a beef cooking chart made it available on Reddit.

The beef cooking guide includes a list of temperature options including the hottest steak in the UK and Australia and has been posted to the popular site Reddit under the title “Is The Beef Too Hot?”.

It lists temperatures in Fahrenheit, Celsius, Centigrade, Centile and Centigrad which have been measured using a Thermapen thermometer.

The chart includes the following temperatures, and the average temperatures listed are from the UK:Celsius: 685F, 104C Centigrades: 39F, 57C Centile: -5F, -13C Centilimers: -21F, 0CCentigrade: 715F, 486C Centiles: 0F, 2C”Is The The Beef Too Hot?”, an account named “Frazer”, replied to the Reddit post with a chart of his own which showed a temperature of 715 degrees Celsius.

It then showed a recipe of a burger with a temperature listed as 939 degrees Celsius, which was cooked at a US restaurant.

The post has since been viewed over 3,000 times and has sparked a debate on Reddit as to whether the steak is too hot or not.

“It is not the heat of the steak itself but the way it is cooked,” Reddit user ‘Frazier’ wrote on Reddit’s beef cooking forum.

“I am in Australia so my cooking is far too much like Australia’s but the steak in Australia has a higher temperature.”

“I have to agree it is a little too hot,” he added.

“The steak will be more tender than the burger, but it is still a good burger for that.”‘

If you can’t afford it you can get a steak’A spokesperson for the Australian Restaurant and Catering Association (ARA) told news.com.au that it had received the chart but had no comment on its authenticity.

“If you are in Australia, if you can afford it and don’t mind getting a steak, you can certainly get a beef burger,” they said.

“We are looking into this and will post an update as soon as we can.”

While the steak cooking guide appears to be an isolated incident, some have raised questions about the quality of the chart and its authenticity on Reddit and Twitter.

“Is it possible the steak was cooked under the wrong temperature?” asked a user named ‘The Meat’.

“How many steak sauces can you name?” asked another.

“Why does the temperature on the chart change every time you cook it?

If you can find a steak that cooks at temperatures below the chart, what’s wrong with it?””

Why did it take us so long to tell you about this?” asked one user.”

Does it have to be in the US to get the hottest burger?” asked the other.”

When you think of steak cooking it’s usually a meaty meat that’s served on a bun or served with fries.

This isnt it.

What’s wrong?””

How did the beef cook?””

I just bought a steak from the store and it’s not the same as a steak I’ve had from Australia before.”

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