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A new treatment for epilepsy may help people with epilepsy improve their lives

A new treatment for epilepsy may help people with epilepsy improve their lives

By Jennifer PhelanMay 25, 2018 2:33pmThe treatment may improve the quality of life for people with seizure disorders and help them to avoid seizures, according to a study led by researchers at the University of California San Francisco.

The researchers looked at how people with moderate to severe epilepsy fared when using the drug sildenafil, commonly known as “Jagermeister.”

Sildenavir, or Jagermeisters, was first developed by Pfizer in 2003 and is the most commonly prescribed epilepsy drug.

It is currently available in two forms, a pill and an injectable version, but there is a third that is also prescribed.

When the researchers studied people with severe epilepsy, they found that they tended to have poorer outcomes than those who did not have epilepsy.

They found that those with severe seizures fared worse on a number of measures.

Among them, they reported lower scores on the National Assessment of Educational Progress, or NAEP, the standardized test for college students.

The findings are published in the April issue of Neurology, a medical journal.

The study found that people with seizures did not respond well to sildengolide.

That’s a result of the medication being too active, which makes it difficult to control seizures.

The research team looked at data from a number the people with mild to moderate epilepsy.

The study included people with at least one diagnosis of epilepsy, as well as those who had had at least two seizures in the past 12 months.

“These findings indicate that the use of sildensafil for severe epilepsy should be considered in the context of a family history of epilepsy and the need to limit the frequency of seizures,” the researchers wrote in the article.

The FDA says it will consider the study results, and decide whether to approve the drug.

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